REGULATIONS                                                   5.2.2016


  • The pitch is in use all year round, and floodlit in the evenings according to need.
  • Floodlighting is automatically operated and turned off at 10.03pm, at the latest.
  • The pitch is brushed and cleaned of litter regularly by the maintenance company.
  • In winter the pitch is kept open by snow-clearing and brushing, so that it is ready for use on weekdays at 4pm. If there is a thin layer of snow/frost on the pitch which becomes green when stepped on, the pitch is deemed to be in normal condition for training. If, due to a heavy and sustained snowfall, the pitch cannot be used for training, it is closed and bookings refunded. Refund claims to be made within one week of event.
  • The pitch is open in all temperatures. If bookings are not used because of extreme cold, there are no refunds.
  • The pitch area and park are equipped with 24/7 camera surveillance. The same cameras are used for weather checks by the maintenance company.
  • There are warm-up areas at both ends of the pitch for the use of players before and after their reservations.
  • If the pitch is closed for other events (tournaments, football schools etc) bookings will be refunded.


  • Heated changing rooms and showers are for use by all users. Group leaders (managers/coaches) can register their phone numbers to operate the changing room  doorlock. The group leader is resonsible for making sure that unauthorized persons are not admitted, and that external doors are locked after use. Registration: Players are not admitted to the register. Calls to the door lock are free of charge, and a trace of each call remains on the system log.
  • Equipment bags and other property should be left tidilty, as there is usually more than one user group in the changing rooms at any given time.
  • Changing rooms may be occupied a maximun of 30 minutes prior to the commencement of each booking, and about 15 minutes after. Teams should also take into account the needs of other user groups. Full occupation of changing rooms for team meetings etc before and after training sessions is forbidden without the permission of the management.
  • Lockers are provided for the temporary storage of valuables. Storage of property in lockers or changing rooms is at the risk of the user.
  • Entrance to the kitchen area is forbidden.
  • Ball games in the changing rooms are forbidden.
  • The group with the last booking of the day should ensure that outer doors are locked and the changing rooms' lights switched off after their reservation.


  • The pitch area and changing rooms are to be left in decent condition after training or a match. Each user group should clean up before leaving. Tape, water bottles and other rubbish should be collected from the pitch area and changing room floors and put in the rubbish bins. Floors should be lightly swept of rubber grounds. If the changing room is in an insanitary condiition before your booking, please inform the management, see email below.